Our mission

Bottle Shock is a wine importing company focused on supporting the next generation of winemakers and wine consumers. We aim to seek out pioneers offering a unique expression of their particular region, and champion those who are not afraid to take risks in order to deliver unique and inspiring products. By working closely with them we are able to source rare and specific vintages directly from their cellars. Starting with a limited selection of family operated estate wineries, our company seeks to offer a portfolio that reflects the peculiarities and strengths of the region each winery represents. 

We anticipate the rise of a new generation of consumers in Korea. As the wine culture in Korea matures, consumers now yearn for new experiences, and improved value. We aim to better understand this market and embrace a young and vibrant wine culture. Therefore, we have plans to engage our consumer base directly through food and beverage operations. We are also capable of working directly with selected winemakers and custom crush carefully sourced varietals, often exotic in nature, in order to appease the more adventurous wine consumer. Our team is made up of fresh-thinking professionals, who can deliver customized service to fit an evolving client base. We are honored to operate in this market and look forward to delivering wines that shock and awe.